• Please! I'd like to get my old blogs

    I logged in but I don't see an option to download my old blogs anywhere. Based on the criteria that you had to have logged in within the past 5 years, as of 2013, I probably didn't have my blogs saved, since I think it had been before 2008 that I last logged in. But! I read several comments here with someone from Mayfield saying back in 2014 or so that all the old blogs were still on hard drives somewhere and that eventually they would be available for download. Is this still the case? I would really like to see my old blog. There are tons of similar questions posted here with no answer but I'm still trying to get an answer to this one.

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  • I have the same issue. One of my blogs had my history, but the one I really want, the option isn't there. Are you still unpacking old hard drives?


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