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  • Your blog posts have been archived... they are definitely saved and available for a free download!

    You can download them by signing in here:

    Now you have a copy of your blog posts on your own computer. Now you can do one of two things:

    1. Upload your archives to another site that's compatible with your blog archives.

    WordPress.com is one such free site... more information on how to import your archives into WP here:

    2. Upgrade your account to Mayfield 2.0, and stay on Mayfield.
    You can use PayPal (can also pay via credit card through this page) to purchase a one-year membership for Mayfield 2.0:

    If you could forward your Paypal confirmation email along with your username to , we will get your site upgraded ASAP.

    Eugenia at mayfield.help

  • I am having trouble, my site probably doesn't meet the criteria but I would love my old posts. S/N - SummitFireDeptsLittleGirl. Thanks for any assistance!

  • same here, I logged in and nothing. ssguitarplayer08

  • Same I can't see my old posts.. any help appreciated.

  • Would love to have my old blog posts back. Screenname is Scornful_Egotist.

  • Would love my old posts back. Screen name is drumminfurjesus

  • Hello, would I be able to access my posts? It would mean the world to me:

  • would love my post back!! UrOnMyMiNd777

  • How do we get them back!?


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