Sustained profit per day

mayfield is a trusted global community, Today you provide help the next time you will get help.

Provide help of $ 200-5000

We allow members to provide help of $ 200-5000 range, use non-critical capital. All members are required to pay a 10% down payment to verify integrity.

7% referral bonus

We will break the unjust financial system. So we need to expand the community. You will get members 7% of the amount of Direct aid. Community will be paid to the sales team.

1% daily interest

When you provide help, community will give you the 1% interest per day, 15 days after the freezing order can be Withdraw at anytime.

1.66% -3.33% daily interest

We introduced a wheel of fortune game, when you can participate in sweepstakes and downpayment. When assistance after completing the order you get a bonus according to calculation of interest.

Short-term lottery game

Whenever a referral effective direct referral Members. You will get a lottery number.Bonus can withdraw at any time

6-level team bonuses

We offer a rich level 6 team bonus scheme. Meet the requirements will be automatically upgraded. For details, please consult your referrals.

Integrity is our system and the requirements of the participants

In mayfield, our financial aid through optimization of the allocation algorithm participants, the community is all people, we are the community!

Perfect bonus system
SHA256 encryption technology
Privacy Services
Members receive verification

mayfield community trusted Distributed Systems Powered by Bitcoin

Provide Help Enjoy 30% -100% monthly interest in global networks

In order to help ensure a fair distribution among our participants, mayfield proud to announce our intelligent algorithm to test the possibility of any help to solve the public demand and supply. We optimized the fairness and transparency in the distribution of financial assistance to participants through our groundbreaking code to ensure that the system of.